Private Violin Lessons in Miami, Florida

Private lessons is the most effective way to learn the violin. Every student is unique and every talent different. My job is to create a specialized lesson plan to bring out each student's strengths and strengthen the weaknesses.
The general idea is a custom made experience for learning and improving your violin playing skills.

Introduction to the Violin:

  • What is the violin and how it sounds
  • Student will learn how to produce sound and how to relate it to physical motion, time and pitch
  • Basic habits to create: ear control, concentration, coordination. What kind of music do you like?
  • How to practice at home (Parents are encouraged to participate)
  • First tunes and scales to play
  • Advice on what violin to get and how to maintain it
  • First year violin basics: basic violin strokes, first position, simple rhythm patterns, accurate intonation , and sound control
  • Part of the homework: listening to music, attending concerts

Beginner Violin Lessons:

  • Develop each student's talent for music: ear, sense of rhythm and time, memory, fantasy, complex movement coordination, resistance, fast learning
  • Reading music and understanding it
  • Playing short pieces and memorizing them
  • How to write a simple melody
  • Developing the foundation of all aspects of violin playing: Sound, rhythm, articulation, first habits of ensemble playing
  • Preparation for shifting and vibrato. How to play fast and slow, loud and soft: tempos and dynamics
  • Different kinds of shifts, 2 octave scales and arpeggio. Contrasting strokes
  • Students that play in a school orchestra will receive all the help needed
  • Teacher will play the violin, viola or piano to accompany the student
  • Daily home practice is required
  • Teacher will recommend books and music to play
  • Listening to classical music and attending performances is part of learning process
  • Get familiar with great classical music composers and some of their melodies

Intermediate Level Violin Lessons

  • Developing music knowledge and violin technique
  • Enhancing your abilities and nourishing your talent
  • Playing classical music for violin
  • Permanent correction and development of playing habits
  • All the basic strokes that you need for playing in an orchestra
  • Concertos, etudes, exercises and short pieces of increasing difficulty
  • Preparation for auditions for middle school and high school, local competitions and solo playing
  • How to make your first recording
  • Introduction to keyboard or piano is encouraged, some theory lessons are needed

Advanced Violin Players & Young Professionals

  • Find your strong and weak sides. We will try to find the shortest way to reach your goal and to go beyond that.
  • Get ready for auditions, recordings and recitals
  • Erase gaps in your academic preparation
  • Find the repertoire that you will love to play

Rates for Private Violin Lessons

Lesson Type Price Per Lesson Total Price
1 Violin Lesson $75.00 $75.00
Pre-Paid 3 Violin Lessons** $70.00 $210.00
Pre-Paid 6 Violin Lessons** $60.00 $360.00
** 24 Hour Cancelation Notice Required